Discover Where Your Home’s Leaks Are Right Now

Mold growing where there is a water leak
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How to Identify Where That Leak Is

If left unchecked, a water leak can create massive problems. Even a minor leak can lead to serious property damage. Here’s how to find exactly where that leak might be coming from.

Check Your Walls

If you think there’s a water leak in your home, it’s time to look at your walls. Subtle signs demonstrate a leak. Areas with soft drywall that feels damp to the touch often indicate a water problem. Areas of discoloration such as water stains or mildew indicate you have a problem with a leak, which could be coming from behind or above the walls.

Examine Your Faucets

Every home has faucets. You might have shut the faucet off but not pushed it back entirely. A tiny leak resulting from open faucets can be hard to detect. If you think your faucet leaks, put a dry paper towel in front of the faucet where the water drips. Leave it there for a short time. If it gets wet, that indicates that this is where your leak can be found.

Look at the Water Bill

Homeowners must pay for their water use. It’s a good idea to keep track of your typical water bill as you own your home. Check the bill each time it arrives. If the bill is larger than normal, that’s a sign you have a water leak somewhere on hand. It’s time to bring in a professional to examine the house and find the source of the leak.

Assess Your Lawn

Keeping your lawn in great shape is a must for any homeowner. Knowing what your lawn looks like when it is kept up properly is imperative. Note areas that seem particularly green. This can indicate they’re getting much water even if you’re not watering the lawn. Your home has buried sewer lines that bring water away from it. Your buried water pipes and lines may be leaking.

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