When should I replace my roof?

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Each roof’s lifespan depends on the material and other environmental factors. When it gets older, you will experience frequent repairs and replacement of some parts. However, it gets to a point where repairs don’t suffice. You need the expertise of All-Side Roofing and Restoration to get a new long-lasting roof for your home. We have years of experience serving the people of Dayton and offer you quality for your money. Our skilled roofers have sufficient skills and knowledge and guarantee total satisfaction with the end product. Here are a few indicators to tell you when to replace your roof.


Leaks become very common with aged roofs because of worn-out seals. Therefore, the roof allows water to sip into the attic, ceiling, or insulation when it rains or snows. You can know you have a leaking roof by dark patches on your ceiling or pools of water in your attic. This calls for an urgent roof inspection since the water risks weakening your structure.

Missing Shingles

When you experience hail or stormy weather, you may notice one or two shingles missing. This does not mean that it’s time to replace the entire roof. However, when you see several shingles falling off or loose at a time, then it means that the nails and sealant are getting weak due to age. You should call us to inspect the damage extent and begin the roof replacement process.

Cracks and Discoloration

Apart from missing shingles, you need to check your roof for cracks, discoloration, and exposed nails. Such damage depicts the age of the top and may indicate how much longer your roof can stand. If a storm or strong wind hits that roof, it may cause much more damage and ultimately destroy it. Therefore, you should consider replacing it to avoid major inconveniences and home destruction.


Mold and mildew are an indication of reduced moisture resistance. The older your shingles are, the more likely you will find fungi and mold on them. If left unattended, the growth will spread on the inner side and cause severe damage to the structure. However, you should remember that some materials, like wood, get mold even when still relatively new. You should consider getting an anti-fungicide for them instead of taking down the roof.

Missing Flashing

Flashing is the metal you find on joints or along the gutters and chimneys to help redirect the water. When your roof begins aging, the adhesive holding the metal in place wears off, thus loosening the flashing. If it falls off, you may experience more water leaking into your home’s attic or ceiling.


Don’t wait until your aged roof completely fails or gets destroyed by harsh weather. Request regular inspections or roof installation services in Dayon by our experts at All-Side Roofing and Construction and arrest the damage promptly. We have the best quality roofing options and will give your residence a lasting solution for your family.

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